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Over the next two months we will be working to update our websites to better reflect our goals as a company and make for an easier user interface. Please check back at the end of January for a new and improved look! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please e-mail jdraves@katan.ca with any questions or concerns.

Breaking Down Quinoa Part IV – Getting Your Protein

After a successful season of growing quinoa, we are confident that our learnings from planting, maintenance and harvest this year will put us further in the right direction for commercialization in the near future. We are currently in the final stages of securing land and capital to build the processing facility so we can offer local Ontario Quinta quinoa and other high quality crops to consumers! We would like to take this time to sincerely thank all of our industry supporters, collaborators, and our producers across Ontario – we wouldn’t be where we are without your support!

Local Ontario Value Chain Project Members Announce Successful First Year and Participation at Upcoming Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, November 3, 2014 — Katan Kitchens (Katan) and Value Chain Management International (VCMI) have successfully completed the first year of their 30-month project to develop the local Ontario value chain for quinoa. There have already been many positive outcomes from the study. Working with over 20 Ontario producers, project members are using 2014 quinoa field trials to determine what agronomic factors have the greatest effect on crop yield and quality.

Breaking Down Quinoa Part III – What’s Up With Copper?

This summer we had the opportunity to work with over 20 producers across Ontario. We are very happy with the success our producers had this year, especially given the challenges of a very wet growing season. So far, the amounts we are getting off the quinoa fields are at or above our previous yields! Our producers have used a range of different practices for prepping their fields and planting and maintaining the crop, which will help finalize our understanding of the best agronomic practices for quinoa.

Determining the Profile of an Ideal Quinoa Growing Partner

To help ensure the success of commercial quinoa production in Ontario, collaborators on the Pure Ontario Quinoa project have consulted with agronomic professionals to determine the best agronomic practices for quinoa and the ideal characteristics of a local quinoa producer. A guideline of criteria was developed to use as an initial screening procedure for producers interested in growing quinoa with Katan, considering factors like soil type and pH, necessary equipment and land availability.

Optimal Growth Parameters Assessed to Maximize Quinoa Production

Industry partners in a collaborative project entitled Pure Ontario Quinoa have conducted an agronomic gap assessment to survey the research to date on the best agronomic practices for quinoa. Quinoa has been grown in North America with good results; however, research and cultivation in Canada, specifically on Ontario soils, is limited.

Quality of Quinoa to be Tracked Extensively Throughout Production

Industry collaborators in the Pure Ontario Quinoa project have conducted an assessment of traceability and purity during production; two factors that are integral to the proposed processing facility that is projected to break ground in the Winter/Spring of 2015. The state-of-the-art facility will house equipment to process a premium, differentiated, locally grown quinoa seed called Quinta Quinoa, which will require a highly-controlled, verifiable traceability and identity preservation system.

Ensuring Highest Quality Quinoa Production

Industry collaborators on the Pure Ontario Quinoa project have conducted a regulatory and quality assurance assessment to maximize traceability across the entire value chain for Ontario-grown Quinta Quinoa. This assessment also acts as an opportunity for value chain development of other new crops in Ontario, helping to ensure success in the diversification of Ontario agriculture.

Determining Equipment Required for Ontario Quinoa Processing Facility

In preparation for production, collaborators on the Pure Ontario Quinoa project have conducted an assessment of the equipment requirements for processing Ontario-grown Quinta Quinoa. Katan’s priority is to ensure purity and traceability and to maintain nutritional quality throughout the entire cleaning, processing and packaging procedure. This assessment was central in advancing optimum delivery systems and networks to reach a larger market of processing for gluten-free grains, offering the ability to process new crops in Ontario.