Determining The Optimal Location for a Quinoa Processing Facility In Ontario

As part of the Pure Ontario Quinoa project, a recent market analysis concluded there is a high capacity in Ontario for farmers to grow superior quality quinoa, a nutritionally dense seed that continues to skyrocket in popularity and crop value, on Ontario farmland. The establishment of a processing facility is paramount to the development of a 100 per cent local product that would be available to consumers and help decrease the carbon footprint of production.

Successful Completion of Pure Ontario Quinoa Project Is Announced!

Katan Kitchens and industry collaborators with the Pure Ontario Quinoa project are excited to announce conclusion of the project with several successful outcomes, advances, and partnerships formed over its duration.Collaborators have worked to develop key components of a marketing development project that will help Katan achieve their goal of producing the first local high-quality quinoa seed for full commercial production in Ontario by 2015.

Breaking Down Quinoa Part II – The Goodness of Iron

As we near the end of June, we are finishing our quinoa planting, and are keeping our fingers crossed for ideal weather conditions for all of the farmers out there! We are working with a number of producers across Ontario to increase our acreage for quinoa this year. We were overwhelmed at the interest we received over the past eight months, and are constantly looking to establish new partnerships with growers. If you are interested in trying to grow quinoa with us, please e-mail

Breaking Down Quinoa Part I – What nutrients make it so super?

We’ve all heard it by now – the United Nations has declared 2013 ‘The International Year of the Quinoa”. Undoubtedly, the word ‘quinoa’ (pronounced ‘keen’-‘wa’) has popped up more and more over the last couple of years, as a high nutritional quality, gluten-freepseudo-cereal grain alternative. Quinoa’s quick rise in popularity is evident through a number of new food products that incorporate the ingredient, as well as the consumer sales of quinoa that continue to increase at an astonishingly fast rate.


Trivia Question:  What are two plant sources considered to have a complete protein profile?  Answer:  Quinoa seeds and Edamame beans contain an abundance of all nine essential amino acids and are comparable to meat protein profiles. 


Amaranth is Greek for “Unfading flower”.  Never heard of this SuperFood?  Not surprising!  In the 1500’s, when the Spanish Conquistadors came to Mexico, they reported the use of Amaranth in spiritual Aztec ceremonies.  King Louie, who deemed the ceremonies as ‘devilish’, declared Amaranth as the first banned food in the Americas.  Amaranth faced similar challenges globally, as Spanish conquests replace these crops with wheat and corn.  Fortunate for us, some spiritual leaders continued to grow hidden crops of Amaranth.  Since then Amaranth became a common food in India, Nepal, China and Ea