Growing With Us

We are very interested in continuing to form long term relationships with suitable growers! Over the last three years, we have conducted (and are still in the process of conducting) a wide range of agronomy experiments in order to pursue our goal of delivering the highest quality quinoa in the world, grown right here in Ontario. Through this research, we have learnt that there are a number of elements that offer greatest crop success and working relationships.
We have developed varieties of quinoa through natural breeding that are conducive to Ontario’s soil and climate conditions. As such, we work through a seed agreement in which all of the seed and plant material is owned by Katan Kitchens and can not be sold to any other company. The first 1-2 years of growing with us is a trial between both parties to determine if there is a good fit for a long-term relationship.
Please contact or 519-856-2296 to complete our preliminary questionnaire to determine if your farm and equipment is a good fit with our program – this includes production of quinoa as well as other ‘Superfood’ crops as we continue to expand!